6 Benefits for Shifting to Power over Ethernet

2021 03 Reasons 320When systems integrators and their end-user clients discuss options for powering network-centric security and access control systems, they are both in agreement on the ultimate destination once the project is completed – minimum disruption, ease of implementation and value versus cost. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides value for devices and networks that require power but also involve transmission of data. As the number of devices that are controlled remotely and transmit data expands, the critical nature of PoE technology for network infrastructure will only increase.

In the current landscape, PoE applications drive many security and communication applications. The ability to use PoE for IP security camera installs allows for rapid deployment and easy repositioning, and because of the myriad wireless access points along the network that are PoE compatible, remote RFID readers and wireless electronic access control systems are prime drivers. Although PoE was designed as a solution to power wireless access points and IP phones using Ethernet cable that transported data, the available power determines what types of devices can be used on your system.



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